DIY-Investors 2018 Journal (now available)!

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Dec 132017

The DIY-Investors 2018 Journal – Now Available (12th December 2017)

Our latest publication, designed especially for DIY-Investors wishing to have a convenient place to collect and organise their research during 2018. This Journal contains index pages, to allow you to create your own bespoke index system – about the stocks, sectors and items that interest you. It also allows for easy monitoring of the 2018 DIY-Investoprs Active and Passive Portfolios, together with grids to record your own portfolios for comparison. Logs for webinar notes, together with over 90 pages for journalling your DIY-Investing Activities complete the book. Designed to be easily cross-referenced by the use of your index.

DIY-Investors 2018 Journal


Back Cover

Back Cover (2018 Journal)



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Dec 162015

Federal Reserve Increases Rates by 0.25%

The Federal Reserve has increased US interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade, marking a milestone in the recovery of the world’s biggest economy.
In Ameraica, Interest rates have not increased since June 2006 and have stayed between zero and 0.25% since December 2008. However, this evening, the Federal Reserve raised its key interest rate by 0.25%, ending seven years of near-zero rates.

In the UK, this immediately led to calls for the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee to follow suit.

Federal reserve (Logo)The decision by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is a sign that the US economy is back on track after the financial crisis and ready to wean itself off the financial life support of record low rates. There have been encouraging signs for the US economy in recent months, with unemployment falling to 5% from a peak of 10% in 2009 and inflation beginning to creep up, with figures showing a bigger-than-expected rise in prices of 0.5% in the year to November. Stock markets have surged in the past two days ahead of the decision, which will end many months of uncertainty over US monetary policy. Equities fell sharply in September after the Fed made the surprise decision to keep rates on hold, causing negative reactions from the market, which had been expecting a rise.

Is this a good sign for DIY-Investors?

Let us know what you think by taking part in our DIY-Investors Poll…

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See the full text of the Federal Reserve Press Release Here.

You can also see the BBC reporting on this rate rise Here.

As usual, you can also let us have your views directly by using the Contact Us Page.

Mick (16th December 2015)

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Market Crash – Should DIY-Investors Panic?

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Aug 242015

Market Crash (24th August 2015) – DIY-Investors’ View

After the 154 point fall (a drop of 4.53%) in the All – Share Index (ASX) today, Mick Pavey takes a look at the ASX graph to try and make sense of what’s happening…

Want to join our community of DIY-Investors? You can do that HERE!


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Sula Iron & Gold, CEO (Interview)

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Jun 082015

Interesting Interview (Sula Iron & Gold CEO Nick Warrell)

Sula Iron & Gold [SULA], CEO (Nick Warrell) has been involved in mining for 39 years. He started as a Trainee Mining Surveyor and has progressed through to become a Mine Owner. In this interview with European CEO Magazine, Nick talks about the lessons learned along the way, and discusses what he sees as the inevitable technological change for mining.


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