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The next great growth share?

Amerisur Resources (22nd Nov 2013) John Wardle (CEO Amerisur resources) has given a presentation to investors recently (full pdf here). The slide that particularly stood out for me was this one (with my annotation)… [Click slide to view full size, ESC to return] This should be read in conjunction with the DIY-Investors’ previous mention of…

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What made this rise over 10% today?

Up 10.2% today – 24th Oct 2013 When a Company releases news, that shows turnover down and another quarterly loss, yet the share price rises by over 10%, three questions spring to mind: What can the (hidden) reason be? Is it important for the potential recovery of the share in question? What lessons are there…

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Become a DIY-Investor in 5 Minutes!

Do You Want to Become a DIY-Investor in 5 Minutes? Well, that’s all it takes to sign up to! Here you’ll find a growing community of independently minded people who want to take charge of their own financial futures by investing for themselves. Our free membership provides a monthly newsletter and bi-monthly free webinars.…

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