Ominous Signs (5th March 2020)?

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Mar 062020

All-Share Index (ASX) Graph

The trend is your friend… unless and/or until it goes against you, when it can become resistance!

The All-Share Index Graph (see below) is showing a few ominous signs, after it closed down again last night (5th March 2020). This comes against the back drop of increasing numbers of Coronavirus cases. However, as we discussed during the Inner Circle Webinar on Wednesday evening… there is more going on than first meets the eye.

ASX Graph (5th March 2020)

ASX : SharePad Intra-Day Graph (as at 08:49GMT, Friday 6th March 2020)

ASX (Fri 6th March 2020)

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As ever, please do your own research (DYOR) and make up your own minds accordingly.

Mick (6th March 2020)

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Market Crash – Should DIY-Investors Panic?

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Aug 242015

Market Crash (24th August 2015) – DIY-Investors’ View

After the 154 point fall (a drop of 4.53%) in the All – Share Index (ASX) today, Mick Pavey takes a look at the ASX graph to try and make sense of what’s happening…

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Caution Required (2nd August 2014)?

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Aug 022014

All Share Index (ASX : 2nd August 2014)

I’ve been watching the ASX (all-share index) carefully this week, wondering if the Middle-East issues would affect it. The Sharescope Graph (below), indicates that caution is required by DIY-Investors…

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ASX (2nd August 2014)

As you can see, I’ve marked two upsloping support lines for the ASX. The dotted one representing closing levels and the solid line being intra-day levels. The level closed at 3559.02, sitting on the intra-day support line, but below the closing level (dotted) support line. This marks the possible end of the uptrend that has been running from the low point on 10th October 2013 (about 10 months ago).

Monday could be an interesting day and either way, we’ll be discussing the ASX in more detail on the Inner Circle Webinar on Tuesday evening (8pm BST).

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