Jan 172013

Free Capital (Author: Guy Thomas, ISBN: 978-1906659745)

Free Capital - Front CoverFree Capital: How 12 private investors made millions in the stock market

Free Capital by Guy Thomas is an inspirational book, first published in 2011, that is set to become a must have for DIY-Investors. It features the stories of 12 individual investors who have each accumulated more than £1m through their DIY Investing. One notable factor is the variety of different investing styles that they have pursued to achieve their success – making it suitable for all DIY-Investors.

Free Capital is also available as an eBook for Kindle

Jan 162013

Picking Winning Shares (Author: Mick Pavey, ISBN: 978-0-9564899-0-6)

Picking Winning Shares - Front Cover
Picking Winning Shares: Simple Ways for the Intelligent Investor to Combine Fundamental and Technical Analysis to Pick Winners
by Mick Pavey is one of the few books that shows how to combine fundamental and technical analysis to pick winners. Writing in the Financial Times (Traders Diary, Sat. 11th June 2011), David Schwartz said … Picking Winning Shares is worth reading … I found some of this material to be informative – even though I have been trading for a very long time”

Picking Winning Shares is also available as an eBook for Kindle.