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Foolish Advice (12th Nov. 2014)?

Interesting Article (Harvey Jones: Motley Fool) This article, by Harvey Jones (Motley Fool), struck a chord with me as it shows the effect of compound interest applied to fees paid to advisors. Something that, if you’ve read my book “Picking Winning Shares”, you will recall I mention in some detail. I’ve abstracted part of the…

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The Rise of the DIY-Investor

The Rise of the DIY-Investor (Video), 30th June 2014 This video, called “The rise of the DIY-Investor”, ┬áis worth watching but I find it interesting that it doesn’t mention investing directly in shares…   Let us now what you think, using the Contact Us Form. Mick (30th June 2014)

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Become a DIY-Investor in 5 Minutes!

Do You Want to Become a DIY-Investor in 5 Minutes? Well, that’s all it takes to sign up to DIY-Investors.com! Here you’ll find a growing community of independently minded people who want to take charge of their own financial futures by investing for themselves. Our free membership provides a monthly newsletter and bi-monthly free webinars.…

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Free Capital

Free Capital (Author: Guy Thomas, ISBN: 978-1906659745) Free Capital: How 12 private investors made millions in the stock market Free Capital by Guy Thomas is an inspirational book, first published in 2011, that is set to become a must have for DIY-Investors. It features the stories of 12 individual investors who have each accumulated more…

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