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The Rise of the DIY-Investor

The Rise of the DIY-Investor (Video), 30th June 2014 This video, called “The rise of the DIY-Investor”, ┬áis worth watching but I find it interesting that it doesn’t mention investing directly in shares…   Let us now what you think, using the Contact Us Form. Mick (30th June 2014)

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DIY-Investors’ Portfolios

Portfolio Results (as at 28th February 2014) For those that haven’t yet seen how this years DIY-Investors portfolios are progressing, you might like to study the details below… To view the transactions and holdings in each of the portfolios, you will need to Log-In and Go to the Portfolios Page. If you haven’t yet joined…

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Become a DIY-Investor in 5 Minutes!

Do You Want to Become a DIY-Investor in 5 Minutes? Well, that’s all it takes to sign up to DIY-Investors.com! Here you’ll find a growing community of independently minded people who want to take charge of their own financial futures by investing for themselves. Our free membership provides a monthly newsletter and bi-monthly free webinars.…

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Latest News From The LSE

London Stock Exchange News Feed Added (18th April 2013) We have added a live Feed from the London Stock Exchange, to keep you abreast of news throughout the day. You will find this in the RHS sidebar on the website, with each story’s blue headline linking through to the full announcement on the LSE. We…

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