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Can we learn from history? [Part 1: 29th June 2020]

Can we learn from history? [29th June 2020] In Part 1 of this original piece of research, Mick Pavey sets the context for his comparison of the stock market crash (Spring 2020) with the 1929 crash and the subsequent ‘Great Depression’. Part 2, covering the analysis and revealing some previously unreported similarities, will follow shortly……

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Picking Winning Shares (Paperback)

Picking Winning Shares (Paperback: ISBN 978-0-9564899-0-6) They laughed when I said “…if Greece was a share, I would have bought it…” (as most of my share picks lost money) BUT at the end of 2013, I took the grins off their faces with a winning return of +63% in 12 months – all by applying…

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Picking Winning Shares

Picking Winning Shares (Author: Mick Pavey, ISBN: 978-0-9564899-0-6) Picking Winning Shares: Simple Ways for the Intelligent Investor to Combine Fundamental and Technical Analysis to Pick Winners by Mick Pavey is one of the few books that shows how to combine fundamental and technical analysis to pick winners. Writing in the Financial Times (Traders Diary, Sat.…

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