Can we learn from history? [Part 1: 29th June 2020]

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Jun 292020

Can we learn from history? [29th June 2020]

In Part 1 of this original piece of research, Mick Pavey sets the context for his comparison of the stock market crash (Spring 2020) with the 1929 crash and the subsequent ‘Great Depression’.

Part 2, covering the analysis and revealing some previously unreported similarities, will follow shortly…

As ever, please do your own research (DYOR) and make up your own minds accordingly.

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Mick (29th June 2020)

Mission Marketing Group (25th Sept. 2014)

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Sep 252014

Mission Marketing Group (TMMG)

Mission Marketing Group released H1 Interim Results today (25th September 2014). David Morgan (Chairman) speaks about these results in this video interview…




The Rise of the DIY-Investor

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Jun 302014

The Rise of the DIY-Investor (Video), 30th June 2014

This video, called “The rise of the DIY-Investor”,  is worth watching but I find it interesting that it doesn’t mention investing directly in shares…


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Mick (30th June 2014)

Webinar Recording (3rd June 2014)

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Jun 042014

Inner Circle Webinar Recording (3rd June 2014)

Webinar Recording – Edited Version

For those of you that didn’t make it to the live webinar broadcast, or wish to refresh your memory on what was discussed, we’ll be adding the whole of the Webinar Recording (3rd June 2014), in edited sections – for parts 1, 2 and 3 (Q & A session), over the next few days.

Recording (Part 1) – ASX, Portfolios & Rights Issues/Open Offers

In this first section (27m 23s), Mick discusses the markets (ASX), The DIY-Investors Portfolios, Rights Issues (Johnston Press) and provides a further update on the recent Skyepharma Placing and Open offer.


Recording (Part 2) – Mick’s Radar

The second section of the Webinar Recording, from 3rd June, covers Mick’s Radar Screen. Three shares are discussed; Kazakhmys (KAZ), Aquarius Platinum (AQP) and Wincanton (WIN).

Recording (Part 3) – Q & A Session


The Q & A Session is about 50 minutes long, so may take a few seconds to load!