Inner Circle Lockdown Meeting (29th April 2020)

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Apr 302020

Lockdown Meeting (Wednesday, 29th April 2020)

Partial Recording of the Lockdown Meeting, held on Wednesday 29th April 2020.

Usual Caveats apply… DYOR etc.

Mick (30th April 2020)

DIY-Investors Webinars/Meetings (How to use ‘Zoom’)

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Mar 292020

How to get the best from Zoom (29th March 2020)

In these extraordinary times, when we’re all feeling socially isolated, we’ve decided to try out ‘Zoom’ for our on-line Webinars/Meetings. Our initial trial went well (thank you John Downey & Paul Molina for helping with that) and the video & audio quality seems very good. One added benefit is that, providing you have a webcam, people can see who is talking during the Q & A Session… which helps with the sense of community. Providing we don’t all  talk over each other, it may be possible to leave the microphone’s unmuted… so we’ll give that a try and see how it works.

The website for Zoom is and there are many useful videos to help you get to grips with the system. Please take the time to view these, as they will improve your ‘user experience’ for the first few times you take part. I’ve added two of the most useful below…

How to Join a Zoom Meeting/Webinar

How to use the Zoom Controls

There is also a really useful simple guide, highlighting the most common problem that Zoom Newbies face, by an American chap (Joe Glines – who is an expert at AHK programming and automation). I’ve included that below as well!

Joe Glines Guidance Video

Mick’s Summary

I’ll be interested to get your feedback, after the first on-line Inner Circle Meeting this Wednesday (1st April 2020 – and no it’s not an April Fool… we really are using Zoom).

You might also like to know that a basic Zoom account is free! You may decide that it will be useful to you, to stay in contact with family & friends. I can recommend it, as I’m now using it every day for exactly that purpose!

Stay safe everyone!

If you have any comments or observations, regarding the above, then please use the contact us form Here.

Mick (29th March 2020)