Calculating FY Turnover for a company, before results are released (12th February 2022)

March 2, 2022 Off By admin

Serica Energy [SQZ] is used as an example for this technique

In this video, Mick exlains how he goes about calculating the full year turnover, using only published data, getting significantly different results for projected turnover – compared to the figures available to users of Sharescope, SharePad and Stockopedia.

How close were Mick’s figures? If you check the results (See below), converting from £sterling to $US ($ exchange rate at 31st December 2021 was £1 = $1.35358), you’ll see that Mick was within a gnat’s whisker of the actual figure… and much much closer than the previously available (published) data. Mick’s Motto?… Do Your Own Research!

Serica Energy FY Income Statement (5th May 2022)

Updated: 12th May 2022