LSE Fantasy Share Games – 1st Again!

April 9, 2014 Off By admin

LSE Fantasy Share Game – First Position Again (9th April 2014)

Every month, for a bit of fun, I take part in a number of games on the LSE Fantasy Share Game website. I often come in the first three places and I find that it helps to experiment with different strategies and try out variations on stockpicking techniques. Yet again, I’ve come first in the “1 million in 1 month” game, which, as the name suggests, starts off with a notional £1m in the portfolio. You can see the results (announced this evening, 9th April 2014) of game 44 below:

LSE Fantasy Share Games - 1 million in 1 month (9th April 2014)

Now, it’s probably not going to escape your notice that I’ve made a return of 21.5% in one month, just by stockpicking (no options or anything fancy). This has been achieved by using the techniques that I outline in my book “Picking Winning Shares”. If you haven’t got a copy yet, why not treat yourself and see if you can learn these techniques?

Why not take it a stage further and join in on one or two of the LSE Fantasy Share Games – it’s good fun!

Mick (9th April 2014)