Merry Christmas from DIY-Investors

December 24, 2014 Off By admin

Merry Christmas to all DIY-Investors

DIY-Investors Christmas Greetings from Mick Pavey

Now then… time for a few “checks”…

Log fire lit – “check!”

Christmas Lights Up – “check!”

Several mince pies eaten (well someone’s gotta check the quality) – “check!”

XMAS shopping all done – “check!” (wot hell – why do we do it?)

Presents wrapped & labelled – “check!”

This Christmas ‘thing’ is quite easy-peasy really.

It’s 4pm on Christmas Eve afternoon and I’ve got nothing better to
do than write this blog post.

I’m sure you’ve got a million and one things to be getting on with at the

So I’ll keep this short and sweet.

I sincerely appreciate all your support for DIY-Investors, your kind and helpful comments and suggestions, and just for sticking around and reading my website and blog posts (and attending the webinars) over the past 12 months. I hope I’ve managed to raise a smile once in a while and also taught you one or two new investing techniques/methods along the way.

My DIY-Investor’s approach is different I know, and it’s heartening to learn that a number of you are using/adapting the DIY-Investors way of investing by combining fundamental & technical analysis and consequently seeing better results.

Just time to say, have a wonderful Christmas.

As my marketing friend Rob chirped…

Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells
Jingle All The Way
Kojak Lost His Lollypop
And Bought A Milky Way

Till next time.

All the very best,

Mick (nothing left to do) Pavey



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I hope you can join us for this DIY-Investors webinar, as I will be announcing a brand new DIY-Investors Competition for 2015.

Mick (24th December 2014)