Portico Plaza Webinar Recordings (23rd June 2021)

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Portico Plaza Meeting (23rd June 2021)

Please Note: You may need to allow time for the videos to ‘buffer’, depending on the speed of your broadband connection. After the videos have loaded, you can use the play bar (at the bottom of each video), to scroll through and pause or re-start it.

Plaza Webinar (Part 1) – Introduction and Portico Portfolio Reviews

This section is 7m 04s long and contains; The introduction, Review of the Portico Portfolios & the US (virtual) Portfolios.

Plaza Webinar (Part 2) – Case Study: Keras Resources [KRS]

This section is 33m 17s long and contains Mick outlining his thoughts about Keras Resources [KRS], the Portico Plaza Case Study for June 2021. This includes setting a ‘limit order’ intended to pluck the first acorn if, as Mick expects, the price moves upwards significantly.

Plaza Webinar (Part 3) – Case Study Performance & Snippets

This section is 9m 55s long and contains Mick discussing; Progress on the Case Study Performances (for Portico1) & Snippets on Tullow Oil [TLW] and Lookers [LOOK].

Plaza Webinar (Part 4) – Members’ Discussion/Q & A Session

This section is 34m 00s long and contains the members discussion/Q & A Session.

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Mick (Final Update: 11:55BST, 25th June 2021)