Portico Portfolio (31st December 2021)

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Portico Portfolio (End of Year): 31st December 2021


Here’s the end of year valuation for the Portico Portfolio… at 31st December 2021.

Portico Portfolio (31st Dec 2021)

Note: Atome Energy [ATOM], underlined in blue (above), is the hydrogen (green) energy company spun out of President Energy towards the end of December 2021.


The screenshot of the Portico Portfolio, shows that the portfolio has eased back since July 2021, to show an overall increase of £104,543.68 (as measured from the start on 27th January 2020). This is a gain of 209.08% on the £50,000 invested. The 2021 calendar year has certainly been ‘one of two halves’, as they say in the football commentaries! The first half had good gains but the second half of the year has consisted mainly of a downward slide!

As usual, I’ll be continuing to apply the Strategies of the Portico Investing System, so that we can all see how these unfold over the long term. Once the QE ‘easy money’ ends, it’s likely that the returns will be more difficult to sustain and in the event of a market crash, or a more sustained (long running) bear market, it’s quite likely that the portfolio will have a longer down period.

As ever, please do your own research (DYOR) and make up your own minds accordingly.

If you have any comments or observations, regarding the above, then please use the contact us form Here.

Mick (26th January 2022)