Portico2: Module 5

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Portico2: Module 5

Module 5 – Powerpoint Slides (PDF)

The Powerpoint Slides, used for the presentation of Module 5, are available HERE!

Module 5 – Video Recordings

As usual, you may need to allow time for the videos to ‘buffer’, depending on the speed of your broadband connection. After the videos have loaded, you can use the play bar (at the bottom of each video), to scroll through and pause or re-start it.

Part 5.1 : Introduction, Portico Portfolio and Introducing OBV

This section is 32m 49s long and contains; The introduction, Review of the Portico Portfolio, Mick introducing the topic of On-Balance-Volume (OBV), with examples – including; Arena Events Group (ARE) and FTSE350 Company, IP Group (IPO)).

Part 5.2 : Using OBV within ‘filtering’ on SharePad

This section is 10m 04s long and contains Mick explaining the theory and use of On-Balance-Volume (OBV), within SharePad.

Part 5.3 : Case Study (CS08) – FireAngel Technology Group [FA.]

This section is 15m 58s long and contains the Case Study (CS08), FireAngel Safety Technology (FA.), as a potential recovery stock, having successfully passed through the filter on SharePad.

Part 5.4 : Case Study (CS09) – Jaywing [JWNG]

This section is 11m 30s long and contains the Case Study (CS09), Jaywing (JWNG), as a potential recovery stock, that may be just starting the ‘mark up’ phase. Note that this company was also (coincidentally) the Case Study in Module 5 of Portico 1 (21st October 2020).

As ever, please do your own research (DYOR) and make up your own minds accordingly.

If you have any comments or observations, regarding the above, then please use the contact us form Here.

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