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Active 5 (31st December 2017)

Active 5 Portfolio YE Position (31st December 2017) Note: This Portfolio forms the starting point for the Active 5 (Yr2) Portfolio in 2018. It will be important to see that, despite a poor first year, it is possible to turn the position around over the second year. DIY-Investors motto… “Don’t Panic” and stick to the…

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Active 5 Portfolio (30th September 2017)

2017 Active 5 Stock Portfolio (30th September 2017) This is the Active 5 Stock Portfolio position, as at 30th September 2017. As you can see, after the “flying start” to the year, the portfolio has dropped back – mainly due to the fall in share price for SGI (after the bid was withdrawn)! As you…

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2017 Active Portfolio Links

Active 10 & 5 Stock Portfolio Links I know that some of you like to watch what we’re up to with the Active Portfolios, during the year. With our normal proviso about doing your own research (DYOR), the portfolio links are set out below: Active 10 Stock Portfolio Active 5 Stock Portfolio You’ll note that…

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