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2022 Long-List (UK Shares): 1st January 2022

Long-List (UK Shares) for 2022: Here is the Long-List of UK stocks, from which the 2022 Active 10 (UK) Portfolio will be picked. 2021.12.31 – UK – Longlist for 2022_UK Shares_Colour Coded_PDF (PDF opens in a new tab) Note: The PDF is formatted so that it fits on 4 pages of A4 (landscape). To use,…

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2022 Long-List (UK ETF’s & ETC’s): 1st January 2022

Long-List (UK ETF’s & ETC’s) for 2022: Here is the Long-List of UK ETF’s and ETC’s, which may come into consideration when I’m compiling the 2022 Active 10 (UK) Portfolio. Note: The PDF is in JPEG form and will easily print on to a single A4 page (landscape). Mick (1st January 2022)

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Portico Plaza (Zoom) Meeting: 29th December 2021

Portico Plaza Meeting (29th December 2021) This recording is from the Plaza Group (Zoom) Meeting, first broadcast live on Wednesday 29th December 2021. The Powerpoint slides used for the presentation are available HERE! Plaza Webinar (Part 1) – Intro, Review of Portfolios & Plaza Case Studies This section is 18m 25s long and contains; the…

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