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Portico Plaza (Zoom) Meeting: 29th December 2021

Portico Plaza Meeting (29th December 2021) This recording is from the Plaza Group (Zoom) Meeting, first broadcast live on Wednesday 29th December 2021. The Powerpoint slides used for the presentation are available HERE! Plaza Webinar (Part 1) – Intro, Review of Portfolios & Plaza Case Studies This section is 18m 25s long and contains; the…

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Webinar Recording (8th December 2021)

Inner Circle Webinar Recording (8th December 2021) This post now contains Parts 1, 2(a) and 2(b) and 3, from the recordings of the Inner Circle Webinar – first broadcast (live) on Wednesday 8th December 2021. As usual, you may need to allow time for the videos to ‘buffer’, depending on the speed of your broadband…

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Filtering for Growth Stocks (Sharescope)

ShareScope (Filtering for Growth Shares) ShareScope Video (from the Boot Camp, 17th November 2018) This video is 9m 50s long. In this video, Mick demonstrates the use of data mining on Sharescope to find shares showing a graph with a growth profile. He uses criteria for: Price up by more than 25% in the past…

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