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Filtronic (FTC) – 17th October 2017

Filtronic (Update, 17th October 2017) Following on from my mention of Filtronic (FTC) in the “Snippets” section of the webinar last Wednesday, the share price in the past four trading sessions has been interesting – see graph below: You will have noted that I’ve purchased this in the Active 10 Portfolio, so I’m watching it…

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Webinar Recording (9th August 2017)

Webinar Recording (9th August 2017) This post contains Parts 2 & 3 (of 4) of the recordings – from the Inner Circle Webinar, first broadcast (live) on Wednesday 9th August 2017. As usual, you may need to allow time for the videos to ‘buffer’, depending on the speed of your broadband connection. After the videos…

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Portfolio Changes (21st July 2017)

DIY-Portfolio Changes (Active 10) In view of the continuing low (sub $50) oil prices, I’ve decided to adjust the balance of the Active 10 Portfolio by removing one of the oil stocks (Premier Oil). The replacement is Filtronic (EPIC: FTC), which has had a run of very positive news, including the interim results. The TA…

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