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Are You Ready for Redde?

Helphire Group to Redde (27th May 2014) It can be very confusing when you open up your portfolio on line to check it and find that you seem to have a new share! For the unwary, this happened on 27th May 2014, when Helphire group (HHR) changed its name to Redde (REDD). Why you may…

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Helphire (6th March 2014)

Helphire (HHR) Graph – Mick’s Thoughts The topic of Helphire was raised by Martin during the webinar on Tuesday evening and I mentioned that it’s worth checking the dividend yield, before making any decision to sell (or take profits). I’ve been a holder of Helphire for some while now, as most of you know, and…

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Helphire – Breakout (16th August 2013)?

Helphire (HHR) – Breaks Out Above Resistance Line After months of patiently watching HHR, today it finally broke out (decisively) above the ‘resistance line’ that seems to have been holding it down for months. After the results, it will be interesting to see if it closes the gap, marked on the graph (covering 2years) below……

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