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Webinar Recording: 5th July 2023

Inner Circle Webinar Recording (5th July 2023) This post contains all four sections of the recordings from the Inner Circle Webinar – first broadcast (live) on Wednesday 5th July 2023. A PDF (reduced file size, for mobile) copy of the Powerpoint Slides, used for the presentation, is available HERE! If you would like a full…

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US Active 10: 1st January 2023 (Starting Position)

Active 10 (US) – Initial Choices for 2023 The trades within this portfolio will be reported to the Portico Plaza members via the Slack system, usually on the same day. The starting line up is shown below: The ‘Bench Mark’ for the portfolio will be the SP500 index (SP500), which at the start of 2023…

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Active 10 (US): Transaction (6th August 2020)

Active 10 Portfolio (US) – Sale of Hecla Mining This afternoon, I decided to sell Hecla Mining (HL.) from the Active 10 (US) Portfolio. This may surprise some people, bearing in mind the strong run up in the price of silver and the consequent improvement in HL’s results. However, the chart looks a bit extended…

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