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Portico Plaza (Zoom) Meeting: 14th June 2023

Portico Plaza Meeting (14th June 2023) This recording is from the Plaza Group (Zoom) Meeting, first broadcast live on Wednesday 14th June 2023. The Powerpoint slides, in PDF format, used for the presentation are available HERE! As usual, you may need to allow time for the videos to ‘buffer’, depending on the speed of your…

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Lookers – Lookin’ Good? (11th August 2022)

Could Lookers be primed to start a ‘mark up’ phase? The chart of Lookers [LOOK] is very interesting at the moment, purely in terms of the TA, as shown below… [Click on image to view full size’ (opens in new tab), close tab to return] As you’ll see, there is a ‘golden cross’, with rising…

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