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Portico2: Module 5

Portico2: Module 5 Module 5 – Powerpoint Slides (PDF) The Powerpoint Slides, used for the presentation of Module 5, are available HERE! Module 5 – Video Recordings As usual, you may need to allow time for the videos to ‘buffer’, depending on the speed of your broadband connection. After the videos have loaded, you can…

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Portico2 – Module 5 (homework)

Portico2 – Module 5: Filtering on SharePad (using OBV) Rather than attempt to play this recorded video on Thursday, during Portico2 (Module 5), I thought it would make a sensible piece of ‘homework’ for you to watch the video. For those of you that own SharePad, part 2 of the homework is to set up…

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