Victoria Oil & Gas (VOG) : Update 26th September 2017

September 26, 2017 Off By admin

Victoria Oil & Gas – Production Update

Today, Victoria Oil & Gas released an RNS giving an update on its La-107 gas well in Cameroon (West Africa), see below:

VOG - Update (26.09.2017)

Market Reaction

The market has reacted positively,this morning, as you can see from the intra-day SharePad graph (below):

VOG - intra-day Graph (26.09.2017)

You’ll remember that this was one of the shares on “Mick’s Radar” on the webinar of 13th September and if you need a reminder, you’ll find the recording of Mick’s Radar HERE.

As ever, DYOR!

Mick (10.30am, Tuesday 26th September 2017)