Webinar Recording (6th Jan. 2015) – Part 1

January 7, 2015 Off By admin

Inner Circle Webinar Recording (Tuesday 6th January 2015)

Part 1 of the edited recording of the January 2015 Inner Circle Webinar is now available.

You may need to allow time for the video to ‘buffer’ (due to its length of 51 minutes). This will also depend on the speed of your broadband connection. You can use the play bar, at the bottom, to scroll along the video (once it has loaded).

Inner Circle Webinar (Part1) – Tues 6th January 2015.

If you have any comments or observations on the webinar recording, then please use the contact us form Here.

Part 2 of the webinar, containing the Q & A Session will be added to the website shortly.
Mick (7th January 2015)