You’ve Won Our Competition (For 6 Months Free Inner Circle Membership)

Congratulations – You’ve Won 6 months Free Membership!

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Mick Pavey
Hi , Mick Pavey here. I’d like to congratulate you on winning the free draw for 6 months (Silver) Membership of the DIY-Investors Inner Circle. In entering, you have also automatically been registered for Free (Bronze) Membership of the website.

This prize gives you access to the Inner Circle Section of the DIY-Investors website, as well as continuing entitlement to the (Bronze) Members Area. You will see both of these options on the top menu bar, when you return to the Home Page. Here, you will find several Inner Circle options on the drop down menu – via the ‘Inner Circle’ button. This includes access to posts under; Mick’s Diary, Radar Screen, Companies, Research, Monthly Webinar Recordings and much more.

You also get priority response to e-mail queries during your Inner Circle Membership.


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