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Merry Christmas from DIY-Investors

Merry Christmas to all DIY-Investors Now then… time for a few “checks”… Log fire lit – “check!” Christmas Lights Up – “check!” Several mince pies eaten (well someone’s gotta check the quality) – “check!” XMAS shopping all done – “check!” (wot hell – why do we do it?) Presents wrapped & labelled – “check!” This…

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Stratmin Global Resources (STGR) : Video Presentation

STGR – Video Update (10th December 2014) In this video, Stratmin Global Resources Managing Director (Manoli Yannaghas) discusses the ramp up of production at STGR, together with an update on exploration at this graphite producer, based in Madagascar. The video is on Stocktube, HERE.   [Note: It takes several seconds to load, depending on the…

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